5 Unexplained & Mysterious Deep Sea Creatures Caught On Camera!


There is no doubt our oceans contain many mysteries and creatures that go beyond our imagination. Really just imagine how many deep sea creatures we haven’t found that would simply blow our mind. Here are only a few mysterious deep sea creatures listed below:


source: wired.com

Squid are not known to spend time at the surface and usually live deep underwater. They are most commonly discovered after they die and wash up on beaches, but in the video you are about to see a massive squid coming close to the submerged camera as a crowd of spectators marvel. Could the legendary giant squid actually exist?


The following image you are about to see shows a very strange deep sea creature that was unexpectedly found on an oil rig camera. The mysterious creature was spotted five thousand feet deep in the Gulf of New Mexico two years ago, but was just identified by a marine biologist. After much research, the biologists found out that this strange creature you’re about to see is actually a baby deep sea jellyfish.


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This unusual marine animal you’re about to see was recently caught on camera near the coast of Angola. BPA was carrying out routine operations near an oil well using a remotely operated underwater vehicle at a depth of 1,323 meters when they spotted the creature which they nicknamed The Floating Spaghetti Monster.


The giant pyrosome divers in Australia have captured rare images of the sea creature of the coast of Tasmania. It is so rare that it has been dubbed as the unicorn of the sea. Up to 30 meters long, the equivalent of two double-decker buses laid end-to-end its hollow translucent cylindrical body is made up of thousands of tiny layers.


A Scottish tourist named Harvey Robertson had the shock of his life when he found this image of a mysterious creature in his vacation pictures. Harvey was on a cruise with this family in Corfu when he took a series of photographs from inside of a cave but what he didn’t notice was the monster he captured in the cave.

It has unusual eyes with very uncommon characteristics. After this day, biologists are still examining this mysterious sea creature but haven’t found one clue to what it can be. Although people are starting to think that this could be an animal from the Greek mythology.