5Steve Harvey’s Wrong Winner Announcement

It was the mistake heard around the world on December 20 2015. The Miss Universe pageant was broadcast live on TV worldwide. Every woman from their respective country was competing for the coveted title of Miss Universe. The host of the event Steve Harvey and the two remaining contestants Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines Pia Alonso stood on stage in anticipation of the results.

Harvey read the card, announcing that Miss Colombia was the winner. The crowd cheered in the $300,000 diamond crown was placed upon her head. However, Steve Harvey read the wrong name. There was confusion and panic behind the scenes while Mister Gutierrez waived the Colombian flag on stage. After what seemed like an eternity Steve was ushered back on stage to say that there had been a terrible mistake and that the actual winner was Miss Philippines.

The crowd cheered once again as Miss Schwartzberg shuffled forward. She was shocked yet pleasantly surprised. The diamond crown was then transferred to a diffrent head which would serve as the climax of this event’s intensely awkward situation. Harvey offered a more apologies and took full responsibility before strolling off the stage in embarrassment. Days after the incident Harvey would explain that he was confused about the format of the card and the teleprompter. He claimed that the way the card was printed was not the way that it was presented in rehearsal.

Although he had an outpouring of support from fellow celebrities he was also the butt of many jokes and hilarious internet memes. He also received a litany of death threats from many disgruntled Columbians BUT Steve took it all in stride as he even poked fun at himself in a tweet posted on Christmas Day. Harvey invited Miss Colombia on his talk show emotionally and apologized profusely to her for his mistake.

4Janet Jackson’s Wardrobe Malfunction


This is arguably the most epic nip slip of all time. Janet Jackson was chosen to perform at the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show. Millions of people across America tuned in and watch the performance live on TV. At the end of one of Jackson’s medley of hits pop star Justin Timberlake popped up through the floor and began singing his song Rock Your Body.

The duet paraded across the stage while at the same time acting out sexually suggestive dance moves. As Timberlake said his final line going he reached across Jackson’s outfit and pulled off a part of it by accident. Unfortunately, he exposed her right breast that was partially covered by a metal nipple shield. The camera quickly jumped to the crowded stadium, but not quick enough.

One hundred and forty million people saw the bare breast for about half a second and a lot of them were furious. The FCC received nearly five hundred and forty thousand complaints from viewers of the halftime show. The event also drew so much media attention and controversy that it was sometimes referred to as nipple gate. Jackson’s representative explained the incident saying Justin was only supposed to pull away the rubber bustier to reveal a red lace bra.

Because of this wardrobe malfunction the FCC had crack down on incidents of indecent exposure on TV increasing fines from $27,000 to $325,000. Jackson’s nip slip also led to the widespread use of a five-second delay on most live broadcast performances. Subsequently Jackson’s career would be affected by this incident leading to her music being blacklisted from radio and television.

3Wrong winner announcement for Australia’s Next Top Model


2010 season of Australia’s Next Top Model was coming to a close and it was time to announce the winner. The two remaining contestants Kelsey and Amanda stood on stage in front of an audience of over 2,000 people. It was also being broadcast live to hundreds of thousands of television sets across Australia. The host Sarah Murdoch was originally going to perform the old tradition of reading the results from a card, but instead chose to use an earpiece.

When she didn’t get a clear answer from producers, she decided to go with the last thing that she heard through her earpiece and announced that Kelsey was the winner. Overjoyed, Kelsey started to thank all of the people who helped her on her journey. After about 45 seconds of celebration Murdoch was then told via cue card that Amanda was in fact the winner. Apparently her earpiece had lost communication with the show’s producers and the last thing she heard was Kelsey one Amanda two.

Murdoch stood in disbelief over the whole ordeal and tried to hide her face behind her hand. With the now dead silent crowd Murdoch eventually announced that Amanda was indeed the winner. After the initial shock wore off both women graciously accepted the results and hugged one another on stage. After the show Kelsey was awarded $25,000 as an apology for the mistake.

2BBC Weatherman Flips off news anchor


You really need to be careful what you do on live TV. You never know when the cameras are rolling. BBC weatherman Tomas Shaffer learned that the hard way. In 2010 his co-anchor Simon McCoy was about to segway into the weather report.

Before doing so Simon dished out a little light-hearted banter. He joked that the weather report would not be 100% accurate and would not provide all the details that one could possibly want. The camera quickly cut over to Shaffer Decker who did not realize that he was being broadcast live.

He was clearly seen raising his middle finger to McCoy in a well-understood gesture. Upon realizing his mistake, he pulled his hand back to adequately cover his mouth. During that split second he jerked his hand around his face not knowing what to do. The camera then returned back to McCoy where he stated “every now and then we make mistakes” then he casually went on to the next story. A BBC spokesperson said that the corporation received several complaints.

She stated that Tomas was not aware that he was on air and whilst the gesture was only shown for a second it was not acceptable. In the coming weeks the station would experience what they described as labor cuts. Not surprisingly, this guy was one of the people who were laid off.

1Anchor cursing on his first day


AJ Clemente was a news anchor for KFYR of Bismarck North Dakota. He was fired after just one day of work for uttering some extremely profane language live on air. Right before his co-anchor was set to introduce him he whispered the words shit. At that point no one was in the studio. No one could tell him that he was transmitting the profanity to thousands of homes, shocking viewers.

AJ was trying to pronounce the name of London Marathon winner Greg Company. He couldn’t figure it out and started cursing to himself out of frustration and nervousness. That’s when the show’s producers told him to go home for the day. The next day he met with the studio manager and was fired for his live TV expletives. Videos of the incident made their way around the internet which made him an overnight sensation.

He was interviewed on the Today Show, Live with Kelly and Michael and even the Late Show with David Letterman. After he made his rounds on the TV talk show circuit he went home to New York and worked as a bartender. He is now working as a media instructor for students who want to get into broadcast journalism. He’s obviously teaching them what not to say while on air!