5 Mysterious Unsolved Human Disappearance Cases!


Here are 5 Mysterious Unsolved Cases of death and disappearance!

4The Mysterious Death of Alan Jeal

On 25 February 2014, at about 2pm, the naked body of 64 year old Alan Jeal was found on Perranporth beach, in Cornwall, England. At first it seemed like an open and shut suicide case, however many odd things didn't add up to the investigators. Police managed to track Jeal’s movements up until 6:36pm where he was last seen wondering the streets in Truro city center, a day before his body was discovered.

Bizarrely, Investigators found a sock with earphones wrapped around, stuffed inside Jeal's mouth. They also discovered a jacket, a wallet and a picture of Jeal when he was about 2 years old, near to his body. A post-mortem examination found multiple injuries on to his right hand, chest and head which are inconsistent with drowning.

The jacket that was found was not the same jacket that Jeal was wearing in the CCTV footage the previous day. Jeal was described as a bit of a loner, who enjoyed video games and going on long walks. Police are treating the case as suspicious, as they can't explain what exactly happened to him, and how he ended up on the beach. Whether an accident, murder or suicide, the case is still open and remains unexplained.